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  • Yazarın fotoğrafıEmre Karaoğlu

What is the one event that had the biggest impact on you as you were beginning your career?

An important turning point in my career occurred in 2010 when I met Resul Aytemur, an established, well-known figurative artist in Istanbul. On a whim, I decided to visit this distinguished artist’s studio to ask his advice on some of my sketches

This first visit opened a door to a relationship in which he mentored and provided me with the tools necessary to improve my craft. With his help, I was able to grow as an artist, deepen my understanding and importance of color, improve my lines, and become better acquainted with other prominent artists in Istanbul. From my relationship with Resul I was able to meet his contemporaries such as Nedret Sekban, Kemal İskender, Hüsnü Koldas, and Yavuz Tanyeli; whose works, critiques and assistance provided invaluable support toward my growth as an artist.

How do you see your art developing in the coming years?

Painting for me is a process of building meaning and, over time, clarifying a personal worldview. I strive every day to become a better painter, both in technique and in the depth of the message I aim to convey. In the upcoming years,

I endeavor to expand my art into the international scene, by moving abroad and sharing my work with a wider audience.

Additionally, I aim to use these new life experiences to add texture and rich layers of cultural perspectives into my work, creating a more profound and multifaceted way of expressing emotion on the canvas.


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