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Our virtual group exhibition recognized by Cumhuriyet Newspaper!

Due to the Corona Virus pandemic where we are all staying at our homes, Akademililer Art Gallery brings together a virtual exhibition of who has produced during the quarantine period.

While this historical phase is leaving it unforgotten psychological trace in society, art as a form of existence is the main reason for an artist to continue to create during the quarantine period. These works of art reflect the artist's conflict with the trauma that he is going through as a human being, his struggle, and his resistance. In all the social trauma periods in history, art has always emerged as a form of a savior, as to a form of monumental registration and an endeavor to continue.

How Did the Coronavirus Affect Your Art Production? It is very sad for me to stay away from my friends, exhibitons, art galleries, and other artists in this quarantine period. I think workshops, exhibitions and artist studio visits are very important to improve my art However, the coronavirus quarantine time has changed the routine life tempo and it has allowed me to rest a little bit and returned to myself. In particular, it led me to observe and draw the daily life of my family in the house. I have started to produce a new art series. In this process, I have completed some of the ongoing Musician Art series. As an artist working together in many series, diversity always keeps me alive. I can say the quarantine has affected positively for producing my art. I am also very happy to spend more time with my family.


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